We hope that when you receive our appeal, you will consider the Three Lakes Council for a donation this year.  We are so grateful for the approximately 200 members and donors that make it possible for us to continue our stewardship activities around the Three Lakes. We are funded entirely by community donations.

Your contributions enable the Three Lakes Council to continue to:

  • Monitor Long Pond Preserve to protect the waters of the lakes
  • Assess lake water quality to identify trends in time to react to them
  • Search for new invasives so we can minimize the impacts on our lakes
  • Alert users to harmful algal bloom conditions if they occur on our lakes
  • Be an information resource for residents who want to care for the lakes
  • Provide education through our newsletters, meetings, mailings, and website
  • Inform decision-makers and advocate for lake-friendly actions
  • Protect these water resources for future generations

We appreciate all tax-deductible year-end contributions to the Three Lakes Council which support these volunteer efforts.