Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2017. Thank you for your support of the Three Lakes Council during 2016. We hope that the lakes continue to be a source of enjoyment and wonderful new memories.

As you enter the new year, please consider adding some of these lake-friendly resolutions to your own list.

  1. I’ll spend time enjoying the lake by aesthetic enjoyment or recreational activities.
  2. I will “overseed” my lawn rather than spread fertilizer or pesticides. Cutting the grass high and leaving the clippings on the lawn will help my lawn’s health.
  3. This year I’ll have my septic tank pumped and inspected (optional if I did this recently).  If the tank baffles are missing or damaged, I’ll have them replaced.
  4. I’ll plant only native plants, and I’ll pull up some invasive plants and replace them. If I live on the lake, I’ll maintain a buffer of native plants next to the shore to slow the flow of rainwater and pollutants into the lake.
  5. I’ll pick up after my pets and dispose of their waste in the trash.
  6. I will be careful to avoid transporting algae, plants, and animals from one waterbody to another. If I take boats, coolers, fishing tackle, sand toys, or other beach or boat items off my lake, I’ll clean, dry, and treat them before they return.
  7. If I use motorboats, I’ll make sure no oil or gas from my boat spills on the ground or lake.
  8. I’ll keep an eye out for invasive aquatic plants and animals. If I’m not sure what I’m seeing, I’ll ask! I’ll make sure not to let any invasive aquarium plants or animals loose into the environment.
  9. I’ll be alert for blue green algae blooms. If in doubt, stay out!
  10. I’ll learn more about our lakes’ history, health, plants, or animals this year. (Check our website!) I will join or renew my membership in the Three Lakes Council to help support the stewardship of our local lake resources.

Happy New Year!