One of the most important programs of the Three Lakes Council is our regular monitoring of the water quality of each of the three lakes.  The primary research program that provides us this information is CSLAP.  We supplement the normal CSLAP sampling with “shoulder season” sampling, and we continue our sampling when lakes are rotated out of the CSLAP program.  In addition, we participate in algae and harmful algal bloom (HAB) water quality analysis. The HAB analysis includes both the type of algae and the levels of certain toxins.  Results of the HAB sampling are included in the CSLAP reports.


CSLAP (Citizens Statewide Lake Assessment Program) is a NYS program to assess lake water quality across the state.  This program depends on volunteers to make physical observations and to sample the waters of our lakes. Water samples are sent to certified labs for analysis. While the most recent year’s reports are the most relevant, the others are carried here for documentation and historical purposes.  In 2016, the report format is shortened, so the 2015 reports serve to provide historical data.  These reports make it obvious that the scope of testing has expanded over time to provide a fairly comprehensive view of the lake quality.

CSLAP 2016

The 2016 CSLAP reports are short and graphical, and show trends.  Each report has a section at the end on how to read and interpret the report. A Lower Hudson regional report has more descriptive analysis and compares results on our lakes to others in the state and region.

Waccabuc   Report
Oscaleta     Report
Rippowam  Report 

CSLAP 2015

The 2015 CSLAP reports can be accessed from the links below.  We have a one-page executive summary in Q&A form, a scorecard, and a full report for each lake.

Waccabuc:   Q&A, Report, and Scorecard
Oscaleta:      Q&A, Report, and Scorecard
Rippowam:  Q&A, Report, and Scorecard

CSLAP 2014

The 2014 CSLAP summary reports and scorecards are available at the links below.  New this year:  a one page Q&A executive summary for each lake, posted separately.  Also, the reports contain a view of the algae distributions found at the CSLAP sample sites near the deepest spot of each lake.  Algae components of any shoreline bloom samples submitted are also in the report, see Appendix D.

Waccabuc    Q&AReport,  and Scorecard
Oscaleta       Q&AReport,  and Scorecard
Rippowam   Q&AReport,  and Scorecard

CSLAP 2013

The 2013 CSLAP summary reports and scorecards are available at the links below. New for all lakes this year: trend charts on key indicators.  See the last 2 pages of each report. The reports are worth a quick read.

Waccabuc   Report and Scorecard
Oscaleta      Report and Scorecard
Rippowam  Report and Scorecard

CSLAP 2012

In 2012, Lake Waccabuc continued in the program, while Lakes Oscaleta and Rippowam “rotated out” for a year.  The Three Lakes Council collected similar water quality data for the lakes that rotated out but did not generate a report on those lakes.  Access the Lake Waccabuc Report and Scorecard by clicking the links.  New this year in the report are the results of tests for toxins in algal blooms.

CSLAP 2011

The 2011 CSLAP scorecards and summary reports are available at the links below.

Waccabuc  Report and Scorecard
Oscaleta     Report and Scorecard
Rippowam  Report and Scorecard

CSLAP 2010

Our 2010 CSLAP reports include a scorecard providing a visual summary of lake conditions.

Waccabuc    Report and Scorecard
Oscaleta       Report and Scorecard
Rippowam   Report and Scorecard

There is a guide to the criteria used for the scorecard.

CSLAP 2009

The CSLAP reports for 2009 have a different format, with short write-ups on each of our lakes, and a lengthy report for the downstate region (2.8M).  Get the short write ups at the links below.

2009 Lake Waccabuc CSLAP report
2009 Lake Oscaleta CSLAP report
2009 Lake Rippowam CSLAP report

CSLAP 2008 Reports

A summary of the 2008 reports is available here.

The full 2008 CSLAP reports, each over 100 pages in length, are below.

2008 Lake Waccabuc CSLAP Report
2008 Lake Oscaleta CSLAP Report
2008 Lake Rippowam CSLAP Report

CSLAP 2007 Reports

The 2007 reports are somewhat abridged compared to prior reports.  A summary is also provided.

CSLAP 2007 Summary

2007 Waccabuc Report
2007 Oscaleta Report
2007 Rippowam Report

CSLAP 2006 Reports

Three Lakes Council started sampling all of the lakes as part of this NYS DEC program in 2006. The reports are lengthy and include comparisons to all NY lakes that are part of this study.  The summary is an overview of the findings and recommendations.

CSLAP 2006 Three Lakes Summary (10 pages)

2006 Lake Waccabuc  (82 pages)
2006 Lake Oscaleta (75 pages)
2006 Lake Rippowam (79 pages)

CSLAP Waccabuc Prior Years

Lake Waccabuc was one of the initial lakes in the CSLAP program when it started in 1986, and continued as part of the program until 1996.  Unfortunately, we haven’t found all of the reports.  The ones we have are available here and we will continue to look for the missing reports.

CSLAP 1993 Lake Waccabuc
CSLAP 1989 Lake Waccabuc
CSLAP 1987 Lake Waccabuc