Diet for a Small Lake



Version 2, the expanded guide to lake and watershed management, is highly recommended as a practical manual for anyone who is interested in lakes.  The book includes an introduction to lake ecology, an overview of lake, watershed, and aquatic plant management approaches, and a section on applicable NYS regulations.  This is a joint project of NYS Federation of Lake Associations (FOLA) and NYSDEC. 

Order it from NYS FOLA by downloading this form . You can also get an electronic version from the NYSDEC website .  It’s also available at the Lewisboro Library!




Here are a few of our favorite and recommended resources on aquatic plants.

Maine Field Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plants 

Maine Guide



This Maine guide has invasive plants and their native “look alikes”.  This book can be downloaded for free. At last notice the book was out of print.

Here’s the link to the pdf:  Maine Field Guide







Connecticut’s Aquatic and Wetland Invasive Plant Identification Guide

This online reference has a description of the invasive plants and shows the counties in Connecticut in which they were discovered.  It’s useful (and scary) to see what’s so close to us. Find it here.

Pennsylvania’s Field Guide to Aquatic Invasive Species

PA AIS Guide



This field guide is available online for free, and contains information about aquatic and wetland plants, fish, algae, invertebrates, and reptiles, how to distinguish the invasive from native species, and maps of where they are found in Pennsylvania.  Find it by clicking this link: Pennsylvania’s Field Guide







A Field Guide to Invasive Plants of Aquatic and Wetland Habitats for Michigan

This field guide includes photos and descriptions of 47 invasive plant species. A downloadable pdf of this guide is available at

Through the Looking Glass, a Field Guide to Aquatic Plants

Through the Looking Glass



A revised second edition is available from the University of Wisconsin Extension bookstore . A single copy including S&H is $29.95.