Cedar Eden

From 2002 to 2006, the Three Lakes Council hired Michael Martin, of Cedar Eden, as a consultant. His reports are available on this website and form the foundation of our lake and watershed management plans. The most extensive report is the Three Lakes Diagnostic Report.  The reports are presented here in the sequence completed.  Click on the report name to bring up the report.

Initial Assessment 2002

In December, 2002, Cedar Eden gave an initial report, which presented the findings of Michael’s September 9, 2002 site visit, recommendations for management activities that could be implemented immediately (corrective actions), and recommendations for further data collection.  (29 pages)

Diagnostic Report 2003

In May, 2004, Cedar Eden produced the “Diagnostic-Feasibility Study And Lake & Watershed Management Plan for Lake Rippowam, Lake Oscaleta & Lake Waccabuc”.  Like the title, this report is long and detailed.  It describes conditions and trends in the lakes and watersheds, identifies potential nonpoint source problem areas, and develops a preliminary long-term lake and watershed management plan for the Three Lakes.  Diagrams and a glossary are included.  (93 pages)

State of the Lakes 2004 – 2005 

Cedar Eden continued water sampling and refining the lake management recommendations.  In April 2006, we received a report on the state of the lakes.   Recommendations include alum for Lake Waccabuc and Oscaleta, and redesign of the aerators.  (60 pages)

Aquatic Biological, Inc. (ABI)

The Three Lakes Council commissioned ABI to provide an analysis of the water quality sampling for 2007 and 2008. ABI also summarized the results of our 2006 testing results in a 2006 Report.