2006 Survey

In  the fall of 2006, the Three Lakes Council Lake Preservation Committee sent a survey to the lake community.  The response rate was terrific at 50% of those sent.  This gives us a great deal of confidence in the results. Thanks to all who responded.

We’ve posted the data so you can see it, following the links below.  We welcome your comments.

Here are a few facts from the survey results we think are of interest:

  • The response rates were great from all three lakes.
  • Most of the people who responded are currently Three Lakes Council members (82%).
  • Almost one in five people on Waccabuc who responded get their household water from that lake (19%).
  • The biggest turnover has been for people who access on Oscaleta, but most people have been here more than 10 years (68%)  (and some reported over 65 years!)
  • Almost all lake users swim or wade (93%) and use non-motorized boats (91%).
  • Respondents said that algae and weeds are both problems, but didn’t indicate that one is much more of a problem than the other.  This did not clarify tradeoff actions, for example alum, which should reduce algae but, because of increased water clarity, might increase weeds.   More study and info needed here!
  • Geese droppings are a big concern, identified slightly more often than algae blooms as a serious problem (47% vs 44%).
  • 13% of users consider poor fishing to be some problem or a serious problem.  (Joe Tansey, head of the Fish Committee, wants to speak to you!)
  • Many of the write-in comments were critical of motorboat use on our lakes.
  • Most respondents chose voluntary contributions as their first or only method of fund raising.

These are just a few of the many results that you’re likely to find interesting.  We urge you to take some time to become familiar with the survey results, and then think about what kinds of action–or inaction–you’d like to see to help preserve and promote the quality of our lakes and the quality of life in our lake community.  Then: get involved!


The survey responses are available for all the lakes and individually. Results don’t add to exactly 100% because of rounding.

All three lakes (154 responses)       Overall Results

Lake Waccabuc (88 responses)      Waccabuc Results

Lake Oscaleta (52 responses)          Oscaleta Results

Lake Rippowam (14 responses)     Rippowam Results

Write-in comments                        Survey Comments
The write-in comments have a number after them – that’s the number of the survey (from 1 to 154).  The write-in comments are grouped by lake, and show what people told us they liked best about their lake, what they liked the least, and include other comments about the problems and possible actions.  It’s worth a read.