Fishing is great on the Three Lakes.  Our annual fishing reports are found in each newsletter. You can also find maps of the bottom contours of our lakes on the maps page.  Visit our fish page to see the fish species that live in our lakes.

The anglers of the Three Lakes have formed an electronic “fish net”:  contact Joe Tansey to join.

You can also help us keep track of what’s happening in the lakes by filling out a creel study.  Here’s the form:  Creel Study.  Please return the information to John Lemke or send it to the Three Lakes Council at PO Box 241, South Salem.

Fishing Regulations.  Fishing is regulated by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.  See the the NYSDEC fishing page for the current freshwater fishing guide.

License Required.  Fishing licenses are required for anyone 16 or older and can be obtained from the Lewisboro Town Clerk.  See the NYSDEC Fishing Site for more information.


Bass (largemouth, smallmouth) 6/21–11/30 12 inches


Trout (brook, brown rainbow trout) 4/1 – 10/15 Any size


Pickerel 5/3 – 3/15 15 inches 5
Crappie All year 9 inches


Perch / Sunfish All year Any size


Carp / suckers All year Any size



Anglers, please remember that you can help prevent the spread of unwanted aquatic plant and animal species by following these guidelines:

  • Remove all mud and aquatic plants from all gear, boats and motors. Check, clean, and dry.
  • Do not transport fish from one body of water to another.
  • Do not release unused bait into a body of water.
  • Do not dispose of fish carcasses or by-products in any body of water.

Fish stocking

We’ve stocked fish over the years. Here’s the stocking history that we have found to date:

Stocked Waccabuc Oscaleta Rippowam
2016 Brown Trout 350 150
2015 Brown Trout 350 150
2014 Brown Trout 350 150
2013 Brown Trout 250 250
2012 Brown Trout 350 150
2011 none
2010 Brown Trout 300 200
2009 Brown Trout 200 300
2008 Brown Trout 350
2007 none
2006 Brown Trout 425 225
2005 none
2004 Brown Trout 400 250
2003 Brown Trout 350 150
2002 none
2001 Brown Trout 300 120
2000 500 trout
1999 Brown Trout 800 200
1998 Smallmouth Bass 250 250
1994 Brown Trout

There’s a gap in data, but we also know that in 1973, Union Carbide stocked 2100 salmonids in Waccabuc, of which 1500 were rainbow trout, 300 brown trout, and 300 brook trout.

Watch for fish stocking announcements, usually in May or June. Participants are welcome, and it’s a kid-friendly activity.