Local customs supplement NYS and town regulations in governing motor boat use on the three lakes.  Common sense approaches help avoid conflicts while using our lakes.

Lewisboro Town Law

Horsepower limits are 25 hp on Lake Waccabuc and 10 hp for Lakes Oscaleta and Rippowam.

Town law states that motor boats can be used between 8:30 a.m. and 1/2 hour after sunset.  Skiing and tubing is allowed only between 10 am and 4 pm, and must include a spotter in addition to the driver on board. The law requires motorboats to be operated in a safe and prudent manner.

New York Laws

NY requires mandatory boat safety education for all motor boat operators born on or after May 1, 1996. A boating refresher course is useful education for everyone.  Boats with an electric or gas motor should be registered with NYS.

Informal lake guidelines

Boats at speed should not come within 100’ of a float or a dock. Coves are slow speed areas and boats should not tow anyone in those areas.

Although swimmers have the right of way, common sense safe swimming means staying within 100′ of a shoreline, where boats should not operate at speed. You can also swim before 8:30 am, when motor boats should not be operated.

3LC boat stickers

Boat stickers are issued by the 3LC to help make lake users aware that most invasive species are moved to new water bodies by boats.  Boat stickers help identify transient boats and will also help return lost boats to their owners.  See how to get a 3LC boat sticker.