The Three Lakes Council was originally organized in 1970 as an organization for lake interests that spanned the many different lake associations and individuals who live within the Three Lakes watershed.  The organization has always been focused on environmental stewardship, education, and communication.

We are looking for more details about our history.  Please help us fill in the gaps!

Significant events

1970 – Three Lakes Council was formed (Certificate of Incorporation October 1, 1970)
1972 – IRS not for profit certification obtained
1973 – Aerators installed in Lake Waccabuc by Union Carbide
1976 – 501 (c)(3) Status granted in 1976 when Gladys Wolkof was President
1986 – 1996  CSLAP testing on Lake Waccabuc
2002 – Revamped aerators installed in the spring in Lake Waccabuc
2003 – Lake Manager (Cedar Eden) hired
2005 – Did not start up Waccabuc’s aerators based on poor measured oxygen levels
2006 – Lewisboro Lakes Committee formed by Town of Lewisboro
2006 – CSLAP testing started on all three lakes, user survey of lake users compiled
2007 – Goose population stabilization project began
2008 – Lake Manager (ABI) hired, aquatic plant survey of lakes
2009 – Brazilian elodea eradication project begins (BEEP)
2014 – Brazilian elodea eradication appears successful
2015 – Long Pond Preserve transferred to 3LC from The Nature Conservancy
2016 – Second survey of lake residents compiled

Current and past Three Lakes Council presidents

Janet Andersen:  2012 –
Jack Sinnott:   2004 – 2012
Peter Treyz:    19xx – 2004  President in 1993
Richard Dickens:  19xx – 19xx
Peter Beardsley:  1981 – 19xx   President in 1990
Mary Wilson:  19xx – 19xx  President in 1980
Dick Cirulli:  19xx – 19xx   Began potluck at time of annual meeting
Gladys Wolkof:  1974 – 19xx   President in 1976
Wayne Van Tassel 1970 – 19xx  President in 1973

Officers at the first annual meeting in 1971

President:  Wayne Van Tassell
First Vice President:   David Mead
Second Vice President:  Gladys Wolkof
Treasurer:  George Harder
Secretary:  Jean Lewis

Founding directors on our 1970 Certificate of Incorporation

Wayne VanTassell
Andrew Wilson
Carroll David French
Dr. Peter S. Treyz
E. Harder, Jr.
Earl Smith
David I. Mead, Jr.
P. Marseilles, Jr.
Gladys Wolkof
Vincent Cronin, Jr.
Paul A. Lewis
Merwin Dickens
Rudolph Cassano

Early days as recited by Peter Treyz:  (exerpted from the 2005 newsletter):  “We had talked about it for a while, but what provoked it into being was our resolve to stop a neighbor on Twin Lakes Road from dumping the herbicide 2-4-D into the lakes. He worked for Union Carbide and had amassed a garage-full of this stuff, and was offering it to everyone to control weed growth. “Wayne Van Tassel, Andrew Wilson and I found out about it, and we went to him and said, ‘You can’t do that.’ Wilson was a lawyer, and he got the necessary injunction. It was then that we decided we needed an organization that would protect the welfare of the lakes. We drew up some initial by-laws, then we solicited members, sent out letters.”