Register my boat

Why boat stickers?

Three Lakes Council issues free boat stickers to residents with deeded lake rights. Boats are the most common way that invasive species move from one water body to the other.  Don’t let them hitchhike!

We issue boat stickers to:

  • Help keep invasive species out of our lakes by keeping out transient boats
  • Identify boat owners so we can return lost boats
  • Inform lake users about how to check their boats for invasive species

Get a boat sticker

Sign up to get your free boat stickers!  We’re issuing new stickers.

  • New stickers are easy to read and there’s one for each side of the boat!
  • Numbers will reference owners and contact information so we can return found boats
  • You will get information on how to check your boats for invasive species

To get a new sticker, fill out a form at this link: new stickers, please!

If you need a paper copy, you can print BoatStickerForm and mail or email it to the address on the form.

How to transfer a boat with sticker from one owner to another

We may need to issue new stickers periodically to help us keep track of owners. You can help minimize the need for this.

If you buy a boat that already has a current sticker, send the sticker number and your name, local address, and contact information to

I found a wandering boat!

Found boats with lost owners can be reported to Let us know the number of the boat sticker and the location of the boat.  If you don’t know the number, tell us the type of boat, color, and location, and we’ll try to match it to our records.

Boat regulations and how to clean boats

Important information about the town rules on boats.

We hope you don’t take your boat to any other waters, or allow transient boats to visit our lakes.  But if you must, here’s how to clean your boat.  It’s polite – we have invasives here that we don’t need to share with other lakes!