Board Members of the Three Lakes Council

The board consists of representatives of all the lake associations in the Three Lakes plus the Waccabuc Country Club and the Waccabuc Landowners’ Council.

All Board Members are volunteers, appointed by their associations.  Each association has a representative and an alternate.

Lake Oscaleta Association – Joe Tansey, Kevin Karl
Lake Waccabuc Association – Doug Housman, John Lemke
Lakeside Association – Ron Tetelman
Perch Bay Association – Ellen Bailey, John Bailey
South Shore Association – Jonathan Peter, Alayne Vlachos
Two Lake Club – Peter Gross, Jan Andersen
Waccabuc Country Club – Darrell Alfieri, Peter Bysshe
Waccabuc Landowners Council – Joy Brenner
At Large – Fred Cowles, Jean Lewis

Officers of the Three Lakes Council

President….Janet Andersen
Vice President….Peter Gross
Secretary….Jean Lewis
Treasurer….John Lemke

Committees Chairs and Contacts

Fishing:  Joe Tansey, John Lemke
Lake preservation:  Paul Lewis
Annual meeting potluck:  Doug & Kelley Housman
Membership:  Doug Housman
Beaver: Peter Gross
Beaver channel crew:  Joe Tansey
Preserve:   Ellen Bailey, John Lemke
Preserve trails:   Kevin Karl
Lake weeds:  Joe Tansey
BEEP:   Jan Andersen

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Three Lakes Council
PO Box 241
South Salem, NY 10590

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