Meet the Organizations of the Three Lakes

Curious about the alphabet soup of associations that surround our lakes?   We hope this will help.

Three Lakes Council (3LC, TLC)

Lake residents organized the Three Lakes Council in 1970 to lead and coordinate the environmental efforts for the Lake Waccabuc – Oscaleta – Rippowam watershed. Our mission is to preserve and protect the entire 2,200 acre watershed through education, conservation and prevention. The only non-profit association in the watershed with this mission, we rely on the financial generosity and volunteer efforts of many lake area residents to accomplish our goals. This website is a product of the Three Lakes Council.

Lake Waccabuc Association   (LWA)

The Lake Waccabuc Association has members on Cove Road, Lakeview Road, Oscaleta Road, and Old Pond Road. It manages access and boat storage along common right of ways, and also sponsors social and community functions. For more information, contact John Lemke at

Lakeside Association of Lake Waccabuc

Lakeside Association of Lake Waccabuc is a private association of 10 houses which have deeded rights to the Lakeside right of way. The association was created in 1966 when the original owner of land gave it to 10 of his friends to insure that they would have water access for many years to come. As new families buy these houses it is their responsibility to pay the taxes and maintenance of the dock, right of way and lawn. Members may keep their boats on the property. For a nominal fee, neighbors can use the Lakeside Association’s RoW to launch their boats. Feel free to contact Ron Tetelman with any questions.

Oscaleta Lake Association

Oscaleta Lake Association is composed of homeowners on Knapp Road. The organization’s primary role is to pay for road maintenance, but also provides a limited right of way access. Contact Joe Tansey at for more information.

Perch Bay Association

Perch Bay Association consists of certain properties along East Ridge Road and Perch Bay Road that have access to Lake Waccabuc shoreline. Contact David Eggers for more information.

South Shore

The South Shore Waccabuc Association, Inc., is a community of 30 cottages at the southeast end of Lake Waccabuc. For further information, please contact Charles A. Mason at

Two Lake Club (2LC, TLC)

The Two Lake Club includes homeowners on Twin Lakes Road, Orchard Drive, North Lake Circle, and Oscaleta Road who have deeded rights and restrictions according to the covenant of sale. The major role of the Two Lake Club is to care for and manage the common beach property that is open to residents of Twin Lakes Village. The 2LC also serves as a social organization. For information, contact the 2LC president Larry Mango or see

Twin Lakes Water Works (TLWW)

This organization provides community drinking water to most of the homes on Twin Lakes Road, Orchard Drive, and North Lake Circle.  Although a professional is hired to oversee the technical operations of the system, on-going management, testing, and many of the maintenance functions are handled by volunteers who live in the community.  Customers pay annual fees for their household water supply. Information at

Waccabuc Country Club (WCC)

The Waccabuc Country Club is best known for its buildings and golf course along Mead Street, and it also has a very active beach club. Members have access to Waccabuc and the connected lakes through the beach club.  See

Waccabuc Landowners Council (WLC)

The volunteer members of WLC work to maintain and improve the many charming and beautiful aspects of Waccabuc. WLC owns & maintains the Post Office building & its property.   WLC sponsors various plantings, festive holiday decorations, annual roadside cleanup, and maintains the entrance to Waccabuc at the intersection of Mead Street and Route 35. The trees along Waccabuc’s main roads are planted and maintained by WLC.   WLC also sponsors a variety of social functions. See or contact