When….  is the annual meeting?  … are the fireworks?

The annual meeting and picnic  are generally in late July or early August at the Waccabuc Country Club beach facility.  Rain location is the carriage house.  Check our home page for updates.

The Waccabuc Country Club has had their fireworks display over the golf course in recent years.  We’ll post the date on our home page once we know it.

Can I access Lake Waccabuc from Long Pond Preserve?

Long Pond Preserve is open to the public for walking and nature appreciation.  Lake access from the preserve is not allowed.  The preserve can not be used for access for swimming, fishing, or boating.  Boats stored on the preserve will be given to the police for caretaking. Please note that Castle Rock is privately owned property and not part of Long Pond Preserve.

I already belong to my lake association.  What is different about the Three Lakes Council?

The Three Lakes Council works on environmental issues, watershed monitoring, and education on issues that involve all of the Three Lakes, so its focus is generally on lake-wide issues, with a broader scope than that of local associations.  The Three Lakes Council also does research and monitoring that will benefit users of all the lakes.  You can join us with this Membership form.