How to interact with us

The Three Lakes Council is interested in communicating with our community and hearing your concerns. We have two Google groups, a Board of Directors that represents the lake associations, annual newsletters, mailings, and meetings. And, of course, this website. We have a facebook page.  We have also run user surveys. Let us know if you have any suggestions or would like to help our communications efforts.

See our summary of annual accomplishments on our meetings page.

Google Groups

The Three Lakes Council has set up a Google Group to support communication on lake stewardship and watershed topics.  This communication tool was set up in response to our first user survey.  To be added to the group, send your name, your local address (around the Three Lakes), and your email address to

Because some people enjoyed a lot of google group chatter on community matters that did not involve lake stewardship issues, and others didn’t enjoy it, there are now two separate Google groups.  The Three Lake Council monitored group should be restricted to lake management and watershed issues.  If you are a member, you can send messages to all the people on that group at the address .  Messages from that group have the header [ThreeLakes].

The group that is intended for community topics but not specifically about the lakes or the watershed is the Three Lakes Community Bulletin Board, moderated by Tara Owen.  You can send messages to all people on the community bulletin board group at the address   To find past conversations from that group, visit

Facebook page

Three Lakes Council has a Facebook page.  Please like us!

Boat Stickers

Three Lakes Council issues boat stickers as part of our education on the transport of invasive species. Boats spread invasives, and stickers help us know which boats belong on the lake. Boat stickers are also useful to return misplaced boats to their owners.  Sign up for a sticker at this location:  boat stickers, please!   If you prefer not to use the internet, a hardcopy boat sticker request form is found here: BoatStickerForm – use it to get your boats registered!

Board of Directors

The board of directors has volunteer representatives from all the lake associations in the Three Lakes plus the Waccabuc Country Club and the Waccabuc Landowners’ Council.  Directors can also be elected at-large.

See the Who’s Who page for information about current officers and directors.



Join us at our annual meeting to hear about the state of our lakes and our activities, and to give us feedback. Your director can also bring your insights to our board meetings.

Financial Reports

Our latest annual report can be obtained, upon request, from Three Lakes Council at the address below, or from the NYS Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10271.

Contact us

Contact us at our mailing address:

Three Lakes Council
PO Box 241
South Salem, NY 10590

Or use our email address: