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Stewardship Resolutions for 2015

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2015.  Thank you for your support of the Three Lakes Council during 2014 (and years before!).  In 2015, may the lakes continue to be a source of enjoyment and wonderful new memories.

As you enter the new year, please consider adding some of these stewardship resolutions to your own list of resolutions.

1.    I’ll learn more about our lakes’ history, health, plants, or animals this year.

2.    This year I’ll have my septic tank pumped and inspected (optional if I did this recently).  If the tank baffles are missing or damaged, I’ll have them replaced.

3.    I will “overseed” my lawn rather than spread fertilizer or pesticides.  I’ll tell my lawn service – or myself – to cut my grass high and leave the clippings on the lawn.

4.     I’ll pull up some invasive plants and replace them with native plants.  If I live on the lake, I’ll maintain a buffer of native plants to slow the flow of rainwater and pollutants into the lake.

5.     I’ll pick up after my pets and throw their poop into the trash.  I won’t feed geese, ducks, or swans. I’ll make sure not to let any invasive aquarium plants or animals loose into the environment. 

6.    This year I’ll make sure no oil or gas from my boat, car, or generator spills on the ground. 

7.     I won’t transport algae, plants, and animals from one waterbody to another. If I take boats, coolers, fishing tackle, sand toys, or other beach or boat items off my lake, I’ll check, clean, and dry them before bringing them back.

8.     If I use motorboats, this year I’ll take a safe boating course or review my class materials.

9.     I’ll keep an eye out for invasive aquatic plants and animals. If I’m not sure, I’ll ask!  I’ll be alert for blue green algae blooms as well.  If in doubt, stay out!

10.   I will join or renew my membership in the Three Lakes Council to help support the stewardship of our precious local lake resources.

Activity on Mead Street and Long Pond Preserve

You may see some activity starting along Mead Street and Long Pond Preserve in the next few weeks.  The goal of this work is to reduce polluted runoff to Lake Waccabuc and to reduce erosion near Tarry-a-bit.

The Town of Lewisboro is undertaking a stormwater retrofit project in the vicinity of Mead Street and Lake Waccabuc. The purpose of the project is to treat stormwater runoff from a drainage area approximately 25 acres in size in order to reduce sediment and phosphorous pollutant loading into the lake. Stormwater runoff from this drainage area currently discharges untreated into Lake Waccabuc. The project is funded through a grant from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) as part of a regional program to protect the NYC Watershed drinking supply system.

The drainage area subject to this project includes a portion of Mead St and the residential properties along the west side of the road from East Ridge Road to Chapel Road. Stormwater runoff from this area is conveyed via Town-owned  storm drains as well as a section of the Waccabuc Creek toward an existing wetland area and meadow north of Tarry-A-Bit Drive and ultimately into the lake.

A shallow wetland basin will be constructed on the Long Pond Preserve owned by the Nature Conservancy. Stormwater runoff from the existing and improved Town storm drain system will be diverted to the basin to treat flows prior to discharge into the lake. The project will also include the restoration of a section of Waccabuc Creek currently heavily eroded by stormwater flows. Upon completion, the area of the basin and stream restoration will be planted with a variety of wetland and meadow plants. Any portions of the stone wall that are damaged as part of the construction activities along Mead Street will be repaired. This project will remove an estimated 3.5 kg of phosphorus load from the lake annually. All work will take place on the land of the Nature Conservancy or within the Town right-of-way. No work on other private properties will be required to complete this project.

Members of the Three Lake Council and of the Town Lakes Committee have reviewed this Town project, and support its goals and implementation plan. 


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The Three Lakes Council was organized in 1970 to lead and coordinate the environmental efforts for the Lake Waccabuc - Oscaleta - Rippowam watershed in the Town of Lewisboro, New York.


Our mission is to preserve and protect the entire 2,200 acre watershed through education, conservation and prevention.  We are the only non-profit association in the watershed with this mission, and we rely on the financial generosity and volunteer efforts of many lake area residents to accomplish our goals.

Three Lakes Council , PO Box 241, South Salem, NY 10590
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